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A Complete Guide on Setting up Your Own Poultry Farm

By John Peter

Some people even those living in big cities are still very country at heart. They crave the morning crow of the rooster and the smell of freshly picked eggs from the farm. If you are one such person who loves poultry and the country life you can be very successful in poultry farming. But this is not less than any other business that anyone would start. This requires a lot of careful planning, a lot of investment in all the equipment that will be required and even some research on the methods, techniques, and market that you plan on serving with your business. On top of that there are legal regulations pertaining to starting poultry farming which mostly restrain you to the place where you can start it. Most laws will discourage you in starting farming in a residential area where your neighbors will be disturbed by the constant crowing of roosters and the mess that poultry makes.

Once you have cleared all legal regulations related to poultry farming you need to start by first getting knowledge regarding chickens, what they eat, how to keep them healthy, what kind of lifestyle to give them, their life spans, the shelter they will need, and most importantly information about their egg laying. All this information is crucial for the success of your venture and having this knowledge before hand is what is important to ensure you get on a good start with your business. You can find some great resources on the internet related to poultry farming that will give you some great advice on how to get started with it.

Another important thing you need to clarify before getting started with this is the aim of your business. Do you intend on raising chickens for their eggs or do you plan on raising chickens for their meat. This decision is important because the type of breed you will get for your poultry depends on whether you intend on selling their eggs or their meat. The more information you have regarding the different breeds of chickens and their needs the more equipped you will be in handling all problems related to managing this business.

Now if all that has been clarified you need to begin the search for an appropriate place for the set up. As mentioned earlier it is illegal to start poultry sheds in areas like residential zones therefore you will need to look for an appropriate place that is well outside the city so you can have your sheds there without worrying about any neighbors being disturbed. But then again that location might get too far from your own residence in the city. If possible you might want to consider relocating for the sake of your poultry. Running it from far away will not be as efficient as running it if you are living on the farm yourself. Once you have found an adequate location for your poultry farming you need to decide how big or small you want it to be. The number of chicken you plan on raising will determine the size of your farm. You also have to keep in view any forecasting regarding the increase in chickens and expanding your business. Do leave adequate space for the future expansion of your business.

Now you have to get onto the last step of purchasing the chickens and rooster for your poultry farming. The breed you choose should be decided very carefully and only purchase from a well reputed supplier to ensure that you are not getting any second hand fake breed of chicken.

About the Author: Poultry diseases are infections that affect domestic poultry. It may be bacterial, fungal or viral and may be transmitted to other animal species. Click here for Poultry farming in India

Sun Feb 1 2015

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