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All You Need to Know to Run a Successful Poultry Farming Business

By John Peter

Staring a poultry business is not just limited to the task of purchasing some chickens and locking them up in a den. There is so much more to the business of poultry just that. Poultry business is like any other business that requires a lot of planning, some heavy capital to purchase the required equipments and not to forget purchasing some high breed chickens and a rooster too. It is wise that you do some careful research and analysis on poultry before you begin your business. The most important thing that you need to educate yourself about before you can start poultry business is the health and upbringing of chicken. You need to know how to keep your chicken healthy, which breeds to buy, knowledge about their lifespan, how they lay eggs and their cycle and literally everything else related to chickens and poultry farming.

Start by researching on chickens. Try visiting some good suppliers and talk to them about the different breeds they have. Then do some research of your own from the internet or any other valid source you have and find out how each breed differs from the other and which ones are the best. When it comes to poultry business you will either be selling the meat of your chickens or you will be emphasizing on selling their eggs. Though doing both is very possible always start your business by sticking to one side only. This is because the decision of which breed to purchase relies a lot on this decision of yours. For those businesses that are emphasized towards selling eggs they need to get a certain breed that is more fruitful in egg producing. If not then you will need another kind of breed that is more reputed for its tasteful meat. Therefore your poultry farming needs to have a certain aim or goal which will drive all other decisions.

Once you have selected the breed you want for your poultry business you need to choose a supplier from which to purchase your chickens and rooster. Ask around and find out which supplier is the most trustworthy and reputed one in the market. You would not want to be sold a fake breed at a high price therefore make sure you ask for strong referrals at this stage. Another important thing you need to do before you bring in your first lot of chicken to your business is to have a proper coop built up for your chicken where they can stay safe and comfortable. Again you can check the internet for ideas and plans on the size of the coop and other requirements that will be useful in managing your chickens from the coop. make sure your coop size is big enough to give your chickens enough space to roam around. Healthy chickens need to have a healthy lifestyle and the health of your chickens is very crucial for successful poultry business.

When it comes to purchasing a rooster for your poultry it is important that you place them appropriately. Avoid putting in too many roosters in one pen because they do not get along well. One rooster for each pen is usually enough. In poultry farming roosters help keep their chickens safe from their predators. The final thing you need to ensure for successful running is that you have an experienced vet check your chickens on a regular basis. Their egg production cycle and other factors will help determine the health of the chickens. All these things will ensure you have a smooth running and successful poultry farming.

About the Author: Poultry diseases are infections that affect domestic poultry. It may be bacterial, fungal or viral and may be transmitted to other animal species. Click here for Poultry farming in India

Sat Jan 31 2015

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